Master Royale is a Clash Royale mod that does not require the original game to play. Now you will ask yourself: and what part of the game is affected? Well, it turns out that here all resources will be unlimited. But don’t worry, all users will find you on equal terms. Players who have the mod installed will compete against those who also have it. Overcoming challenges and opening chests has never been easier!

Obtain all the gems you need: these are considered the premium currencies of Clash Royale and are used to improve cards and open chests of different kinds.
Access to all characters: As many of you know, cards are a fundamental element in games. Each of them has a series of functions and there are three types: troops, spells and structures.
Link your account: you will be able to synchronize your account with Facebook and this will allow you to save all your progress in case you want to change your device or it suffers some damage.
Equal conditions: you will play online with other users who also have the Master Royale mod, so all of you will have access to unlimited resources and there will be no inequality.
Simple interface: the interface is simple and intuitive and hardly varies from the one found in the classic game. Any user will be able to enjoy the advantages offered by the mod.

Duration and game modes
Master Royale supports 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. two . Each game has an average duration of approximately 5 minutes.

age classification
The video game has not been officially classified with any PEGI label but it must be taken into account that it presents elements of fantasy violence.

Minimum requirements
Operating system: Android 4.1.
other platforms
Master Royale is also available for iOS.


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